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"You are to be commended for the out-of-the-box thinking that led to the revision of the production plan for the balance of the year....... Thanks for all of your hard work, dedication and commitment. You clearly are a driven individual."

Kim Kennedy, Chief Operating Officer, Chico Nut Company [download]

"He impressed me with the enthusiasm, interest, and focus he exhibits when applying economic, finance, and management theory to issues within the business sector, particularly when policy implications are involved."

Todd A. Lone, Ph.D., Professor, Cal State Fresno [download]

"Ted Kingsley is an exceptional student that relishes the challenge of learning by practicing, analyzing and asserting the necessary effort into the process of thinking and learning to reach a goal."

Russell Reid, Director of Equine Studies, Feather River College [download]

"A moral fortitude, humorous disposition, and passion for learning will make Mr. Kingsley an invaluable asset to any organization."

Jesse Lawson, Production Manager, American Valley Aviation, Inc. [download]

"It was a genuine pleasure to watch you work in the corral. You treated your job with seriousness and showed a maturity beyond your years."

Nancy, Owner, Kay El Bar Guest Ranch [download]

"He has shown himself to be a reliable and responsible person who is very concerned about the work he performs. I would recommend Ted Kingsley for any position."

Brad Ettleman, Horse Show Manager, National Western Stock Show, Rodeo, Horse Show [download]

"He consistently followed all company policies and procedures and was always ready to accept more responsibility."

Robin Nations, Store Manager, Restoration Hardware [download]

"Ted is punctual and pays attention to detail. He is very concerned about doing a good job and takes pride in his work. In addition, he is easy to get along with and takes direction well. I would highly recommend Ted to any potential employer."

Sheila Nash, Quincy, California [download]

"Ted shows a lot of drive and the willingness to take on new tasks. Ted is highly motivated and shows much eagerness to leam."

Josh Cundall, Farm Manager, Prather Ranch [download]

"He takes new challenges and applies what he knows to find out what he does not currently know. He is reliable, trustworthy, motivated, self-starting, and communicates clearly. His unique combination of skills is rare in today's work environment. Ted's character is an asset to anyone he is around."

Wesley Battson, Chico Nut Company [download]

download all references as one file